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Welcome! On this site you'll find information about easy way to quit smoking methods. It is my goal to provide you with the QUALITY quit smoking information you're looking for.

After smoking a pack a day for 10 years, I got sick of not being able to breathe. So, I designed this web site. Use it in good health and I wish you the best of luck with achieving your goals.

FACT: Ex-smokers have better health than current smokers. Ex-smokers have fewer days of illness, fewer health complaints, and less bronchitis and pneumonia than current smokers!

In addition to all the quality content that's here for you, you'll also sometimes find recommended products or services along the way. These have been tried and tested amongst some of the most respected authority figures in the health market today.

Feel free to navigate around this site and learn!

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FACT: Quitting smoking saves money! A pack-a-day smoker who pays $4 per pack can expect to save more than $1,400 per year. It appears that the price of cigarettes will continue to rise in coming years, as will the financial rewards of quitting.

You'll notice the new and improved look of EasyWayQuitSmoking.com - That is because I have added Herbal Stop Smoking information along with other quit smoking-related content I've written. That page is helpful to the many folks who are now seeking natural ways of quitting smoking.

I have also added a page that will help those of you who are interested in a real Stop Smoking Book and how books can also be helpful in kicking the nasty habit.

FACT: It is estimated that one in three adults smoke, with over 1.2 billion people smoking worldwide.

To Quit Smoking Cigarette products is to do yourself a huge favor in not only clearing out your lungs, but also in allowing yourself to live longer and spend more time with the ones you love. Sometimes a Stop Smoking Product gives us that extra little nudge we sometimes need when really wanting to quit but have had trouble doing so in the past.

Because smoking cigarettes can really do some brutal damage to your lungs, Stop Smoking Gum has really been effective in treating not only the emotional addiction but also the physical addiction to smoking cigarettes in today's society as well.

FACT: If both parents smoke, a teenager is more than twice as likely to smoke than a young person whose parents are both non-smokers. In households where only one parent smokes, young people are also more likely to start smoking. 

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