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Easy Way To Quit Smoking - Does It Exist?

Smoking is a habit that many people would like to break.

It is the destroyer of health in so many facets, it causes your breath to stink, it stains your hands and your teeth, makes it harder for you to breath and causes other people to wrinkle their noses in disgust at the smell when they are around you. 

eay way to quit smoking - does it exist?There is a social stigma surrounding smoking and it grows all of the time and in many places smoking is straight up illegal (and places like California are trying to make it illegal to smoke anywhere in the state). This leads to the question of whether there is an easy way to quit smoking.

There is no easy answer to this question as the ease of quitting smoking varies from person to person. The great thing is that there are plenty of smoking cessation products on the market for you to choose from to help you if you cannot stop on your own. 

There are other things that might help you to quit smoking as well, or a combination of things that might make help you find an easy way to quit smoking, but that will vary from person to person as well.

One woman found her motivation from her children. Every evening she would sit outside and smoke cigarette after cigarette reflecting on her day and thinking about the future. In her mind the cigarettes helped her to relax and put her in the right frame of mind to face the next day. She never smoked during the day and she never smoked around her children. 

One day she went to the doctor for her physical and your youngest daughter was with her (she was seven). When the doctor asked her if she smoked the woman started to say no when her daughter shouted "yes she does and I worry every night that she is going to die."

Needless to say, the woman was both mortified and chastised, she thought she was fooling her children but they had seen her smoking. What's more, the smell of cigarettes stayed with her everywhere and there was not a person she knew who didn't know she was a smoker. 

To make a long story short, this woman found an easy way to quit smoking because she was motivated to quit. She found a product that worked for her and she has been smoke free every since.

How to Find That Easy Way to Quit Smoking...

If youíve looking for that easy way to quit smoking for the longest time and you havenít found it, itís either of three things. First, you may be going about the approach all wrong; second, you may have jumped into the more advanced smoking cessation approaches without considering the basics of it first; and third, you may have no desire to quit at all. This article will discuss these three overlooked yet the most important hindrances of smoking cessation. Overcome these, and you overcome your addiction.
Most of the time, smoking cessation practices are not even practiced the right way. If youíve noticed, there are various myths surrounding different smoking cessation approaches to a point that nobody knows how it works. For instance, herbal supplements are misperceived as one-shot cures instead of the supplements they are branded to be. This jumping to conclusions makes you jump into the more complicated smoking cessation approaches. This is over-analyzing, and this should be avoided.
Over-analyzing and overestimating the power of some products only leads to disappointment. Disappointment with smoking cessation methods lead back to the habit of smoking. For instance, people expect to be rid of smoking in just a week with hypnosis without understanding the process actually takes a long time. They then believe that the almighty powers of hypnosis wonít work on them, and they feel hopeless so they simply continue their habit. This attitude is also seen in someone who doesnít really want to quit.
Having a deep personal desire to kick the habit is the most important thing in smoking cessation. Believe it or not, you ONLY have a physical addiction to cigarettes. This means itís easy to psychologically detach yourself from them and only have your physical symptoms to worry about. In contrast, if you canít mentally stay clear of cigarettes, then itís probably because you donít want to. If you donít want to quit, no amount of smoking cessation strategies can convince you otherwise.
Nicotine and cigarette addiction doesnít go away overnight. There are quick ways, but not as fast as you may hope. Also, itís important to understand that you need to have that desire to kick the habit else you will render the smoking cessation methods useless. Your reason has to be valid. You have to do it for yourself. The aforementioned hindrances are the biggest in your quest for a cigarette free life. Overcome this hindrances, and youíll find the easy way to quit smoking.

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