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Quit Smoking Cigarette Poison

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Once you have decided to stop smoking, your body will have a quick reaction to no longer getting the amount of nicotine it was used to having in your system. 

This can cause other urges that can be equally damaging to your health if you do not learn how to manage those cravings.

The desire to quit smoking cigarette products should not

be abandoned because of these new cravings.

Just like you have overcome the power of cigarettes, you can overcome cravings. Immediately after quitting, you may experience a number of physical symptoms such as increased irritability, frustration or anger; restlessness; difficulty concentrating; headaches; trouble sleeping at night; weight gain; and, anxiety.


Without the immediate release of sugar that is associated with the chemical reactions in your body, you are likely to have one or all of the above mentioned symptoms. As your body adjusts to the fact that you quit smoking cigarette, you will want to keep your sugar level higher than usual. You do not have to indulge in chocolate candy bars; juices will do just fine. Juice helps your body adjust as it gets back to normal.


Old habits can seem hard to break once you have decided to quit smoking cigarette. However,quit smoking cigarette hill of butts you can learn to anticipate the triggers such as sitting in traffic, after meals, or with your morning cup of coffee, and deal with the withdrawal symptoms.

You can replace a cigarette with a healthy piece of fruit, dark chocolate, or a slice of your favorite dessert.


Eventually, cigarette smoke will spoil the taste

of a good meal or freshly brewed cup of coffee.


Some people become social smokers, and find that to quit smoking cigarette butts around friends, family and co-workers who also smoke may add to the challenge of quitting. Talk to everyone about your efforts to quit so that you can avoid a relapse. 

This may involve a change of habit on their part, which is not a bad thing considering how their health will improve.


In nearly every social setting there are non-smokers and former smokers who can offer some inspiration for new and better habits. Changing your smoking habit may also require changing friends. Stop taking breaks with smokers at work to reduce your exposure and desire to smoke again.


quit smoking cigarette fresh-start logo imageIt is also important to remain strong and do not compromise on your goal to quit, no matter how challenging the cravings. Your decision to quit is a crucial change in your life. There are many effective quit smoking cigarette programs available on the internet today so be sure to go with one that can be trusted. I highly recommend the Fresh Start program here simply because it has been tried, tested & proven.


Tips on How to Quit Smoking Cigarette Poison...

Once you get hooked to cigarettes it just gets harder and harder to quit as nicotine builds up inside your body. While smokers know the fact that nicotine is an addictive substance, they donít really know the extent as to how dangerous it is for the health.

What most people donít know is that nicotine is an alkaloid which used as an insecticide because of its anti-herbivore nature. Nevertheless this fact is not even enough to make smokers quit their habit. This is because nicotine is just so very addictive and the symptoms of withdrawal are just too hard to deal with once you try to stop smoking.

If you happen to be one of the individuals seeking for effective ways to quit smoking cigarette then you are in luck. Here are things that you should to start your way to kicking the habit and have a healthier lifestyle.

1.) Have a reason to quit smoking. This is the most important if you wish to do something. IF you think that your reason as of the moment is not enough, try and research for all the negative effects of smoking and you will see a whole lot of reasons to quit right away.
2.) Find a good distraction to fight your cravings. Join sports activities or find a new hobby to keep yourself preoccupied. Another good approach is by telling your closest friends that you are going to quit smoking cigarette. Your friend and loved one can be a great help in encouraging you.
3.) Use ďquit smoking cigaretteĒ products if you have to. There are quite a fair number of good products that even doctors would recommend to help you quit the habit. A few good examples are nicotine gums or patches. Just remember to gradually lessen your consumption until you donít have to rely in these products.
4.) The most important thing is to set a deadline for you to keep track of. If you try and quit by gradual cessation for example it should not exceed a month. Motivate yourself to follow this deadline and set a reward for yourself as well and you'll be well on your way to quitting the cigarette poison once and for all. >>>

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